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5 – 50 GPM 1″ Blue Devil Select Gallonage Nozzle MODEL # BD550


  • MODEL #BD550
  • 1″ NST &amp, 1″ NPSH&nbsp,
  • 4 gallonage selection ring&nbsp,for&nbsp,5-10-25-50 and FLUSH&nbsp,without pattern change
  • Flow range 5 – 50 gpm
  • New design to work up to 570psi (40bar)
  • Professional results from lower gallonage
  • Deeper ribs in selector ring for better grip
  • Improved durability with&nbsp,Rylostatic teeth&nbsp,embedded into nozzle-no more&nbsp,fingers&nbsp,in the stream like traditional fixed teeth
  • Flush without shutting down
  • Constant flow through fog and straight stream
  • Constructed of E-LITE aluminum with brass internal parts
  • Fog to Straight Stream&nbsp,with the turn of the bumper
  • Upgrade to a metal shut off for a small fee
  • Pistol grip can be removed
  • Working pressure is 100psi. (most also available at 50 or 75psi (LP models))
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