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Respirator Mask Fit Testing

Mask-Fit Testing ensures that participants are wearing the proper mask size and type for the shape of their face and head.

A proper mask fit ensures that particulates are properly filtered and that no leaks occur around the seal.

Mask-Fit Testing is required annually by the majority of regulatory bodies. However, the Canadian Standards Association does allow for it to occur on a bi-annual basis when quantitative testing is completed.

Bunker Fire and Safety recommends annual mask-fit testing, in conjunction with spirometry testing and X-rays to continue to protect workers’ lung health through medical monitoring and early intervention.

Bunker Fire and Safety performs qualitative and quantitative mask-fit testing.


Quantitative mask-fit testing is the gold standard and produces a numerical measurement of the “fit factor” of a respirator.

The measurement is made while the person performs dynamic movements and breathing exercises resembling those experienced in the workplace in order to stress the respirator seal.

Quantitative mask-fit testing offers several distinct advantages:

  • It eliminates the reliance on the participant’s subjectivity and sensitivity when detecting agents with qualitative testing.
  • Results are immediate and deliver either a ‘pass’ or ’fail’ using a numerical value. Results can be maintained electronically and each worker receives a card with their testing information.
  • The test can be used to analyze almost all respirators including elastomeric half and full-face masks, PAPRs, SCBA, and even disposable regulators.
  • The quantitative mask-fit testing software complies with many regulatory standards including those from the Canadian Standards Association.