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Anchor Industries Fire Shelter

Folded in Case 8.5″H x 5.5″W x 4″D 9″H x 5.5″W x 4″D
Deployed 86″L x 15.5″H x 31″W 96″L x 19.5″H x 33″W



Anchor Industries’ New Generation Fire Shelter meets all U.S. Forest Service specifications and has been proven to save lives.

Make sure your crew has maximum protection with an Anchor New Generation Wildland Fire Shelter. The improved design of the New Generation Fire Shelter provides added protection from direct flame while reflecting radiant heat and trapping breathable air. Rounded ends help scatter radiant heat. The outer layer is made of aluminum foil and woven silica cloth that work together to reflect approximately 95% of radiant heat that does strike the shelter directly, while slowing its passage to the inside. The shelter’s inner layer of fiberglass is laminated to aluminum foil to help prevent heat from being re-radiated to the person inside the shelter.

  • As of 2010, New Generation Fire Shelters have been mandatory equipment for ALL Wildland Firefighters
  • New-Generation Fire Shelter design provides increased protection from radiant and convective heat
  • Anchor Shelters are proven for dependability and quality construction
  • Available in two sizes to fit virtually all fire fighters
  • Made in U.S.A.

Each Fire Shelter Set Includes: U.S. Forest Service approved New Generation Fire Shelter, nylon duck carrying case with both vertical and horizontal hangers, hard plastic carrying case liner, and instructional DVD for Standard Fire and Practice Shelters (Audio in both English and Spanish). Forest Service Spec 5100-606.

Regular Fire Shelter: For most firefighters up to 6 ft. tall Deployed size: Length: 86″, Height: 15.5″, Width: 31″. Regular size shelter provides protection for most firefighters up to 6 ft. tall and of normal weight (no more than 53” in girth at any point). (NFES #0925)

Large Fire Shelter: For firefighters over 6 ft. or more than 53” in girth Deployed size: Length: 96″, Height: 19-1/2″, Width: 33″. Large size shelter is designed for firefighters taller than 6′ 1″ or whose girth exceeds 53″ at any point. The larger fire shelter provides better protection for larger people by allowing less contact of the shelter material with the occupant’s body and provides more air space between the shelter and occupant. The large fire shelter is easily identified by the orange deploy strap. Forest Service Spec 5100-606. (NFES #0975)

Anchor Industries Fire Shelters—Trusted for over 30 years. Anchor Industries Inc. has been manufacturing government approved fire shelters for over 30 years. Today they use advanced, specially designed manufacturing equipment to produce large quantities of US Government approved shelters in their ISO 9001 Certified facilities in. Experience speaks volumes when the product is so critical. Government awards prove that Anchor Fire Shelters are an industry standard. There’s no excuse to equip your crew with anything less than the best.