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EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket w/ Fixed Top Clamp


Easy: Simply press down on the top clamp to lock – no straps, levers, or need to shove a cylinder against a backplate.

Economical: Reasonably priced with a smooth, PVC-coated top clamp that won’t pinch or damage expensive HUD module wiring, saving you money over time.

Safe: The patented ratcheting design keeps the top clamp locked even when partially closed – no struggling to achieve a lock or worrying that you haven’t.

Flexible: Fully adjustable to your specific air cylinder – fits most SCBA models with virtually no rattling. Fits virtually all seats, old and new. Easy to retrofit and works with most center pull releases, allowing you to upgrade to a strapless bracket without having to buy all new seats.


Models Available:

QM-EZL-F: Bracket with Adjustable Footplate & Universal Pull Release

QM-EZL-F-LR: Bracket with Adjustable Footplate & No Release

QM-EZL-F-LR-FF: Bracket with Fixed Footplate & No Release

QM-EZL-F-B: Bracket with Adjustable Footplate & No Release for use with Bostrom-style pull releases

QM-EZL-FE: Bracket designed specifically for use with Euro-style cylinder valves


Using a 30 min. 5500 PSI cylinder? Order Locator Bumper Spacer Kit, Model 1045-320-912.
Using a flat-top cylinder? Order Modified Locator Bumper, Model 1045-320-112.