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Influx Pivot Strap Assembly


Assembly kit includes mounting hardward for use with Ops Core® ARC™ Rail System.

ESS Influx Pivot™ Strap Assembly kits provide a simple and adjustable solution for attaching ESS Influx™ Series military goggles to any Ops Core® or other ballistic helmets equipped with the Ops Core® ARC™ Rail System. When seconds count, users will benefit from the advancements offered by the Influx Pivot™ goggle mount: easy donning and doffing, multiple secure stowage options, and rapid strap adjustment.

The Influx Pivot™ replaces the Influx Goggle’s full elastic strap with two pivoting adjustable side-straps. The Pivot system is engineered to be rapidly-affixed in the field while wearing helmet and gloves. Once mounted to its helmet-posts, the secured Influx™ Pivot goggle can be repositioned or removed as needed.

Compatible with all Influx™ Series goggles.