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Load & Lock SCBA Bracket for 60 Min. Cylinders


Note: 6″ Long Footplate, Model NEF, must be ordered in conjunction with this SCBA bracket

The Load & Lock is our most economical SCBA bracket that meets NFPA 1901-09 standards for use inside a crew compartment.

The simplistic design allows the bracket to work with many different brands and styles of SCBA with minimal or no set up change. This model Load & Lock is configured for 60-minute cylinders. For 30 and 45-minute cylinders, see Model ULLH.

Simply place the SCBA against the seat with the valve resting on the footplate, then wrap the strap around the SCBA and lock it tightly into place. Releasing the SCBA is done by pulling the lanyard straight out, then leaning forward and standing up.