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Morning Pride – Eclipse™ Model GL-6400


CONVERTIBLE CUFFS – a patented and exclusive Eclipse™ glove feature making it the only glove that can be converted and worn as a wristlet or as a gauntlet.

Certification :

  • NFPA 1971


The extra-wide cuff, coupled with the two-ply Nomex® spandex fold-back wristlet, makes donning easy. The DuPont™ Nomex® brand fibers in the cuff provide superior strength and durability as well as high levels of thermal protection, standing up to the heat.

  • Thermo Cowhide Palm and Elk Back Outer Shell
  • Crosstech® Moisture Barrier
  • Self Extinguishing Fleece Lining (SEF)
  • Anti-slash Strips – provide an extra band of protection to the palm and first knuckle while enhancing the wearer’s grip
  • Unique Swing Thumb – works the way your hand does, with thumb opposing fingertips
  • 2D Pattern
  • Convertible Cuff – patented and exclusive on Eclipse™ gloves. Wear as a wristlet-style glove or fold back to convert to a gauntlet-style glove
  • 360° Inner Pull Tab – extra strength wherever you pull, and round shape holds glove open for better drying
  • Extra-wide Opening – makes getting a wet glove off and on easier
  • Unique Sizes: 2S, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
    Unique – Slightly shorter fingers and unique swing thumb