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Sperian Warrior 2007 NFPA CBRN SCBA

Includes 20/20 Plus CBRN Face-piece, Airpod Backpack, IntelliPass Alarms, Hard-Wired Heads Up Display, RIC/UAC, Central Power Source, Grab Handles, Comm Command Voice Amplification System (optional) & Sperian 2216 or 4500 psi Carbon Cylinder (Sperian Warrior 2007).


The Sperian Warrior is redesigned and rigorously tested to meet or exceed national standards.

The Warrior combines several high-tech sealing methods and space-age engineered thermoplastics to create SCBA electronics housings designed to withstand the severe conditions of the Immersion Leakage Test, as well as the 500°F High Temperature Test for PASS devices in NFPA 1982.

The Warrior has been designed from the ground up to meet the CBRN certification requirements. This includes utilization of special materials and seals that create a barrier to the live agents (mustard and Sarin) used in CBRN certification testing. Tumble Test. The completely new IntelliPASS device uses state-of-the-art materials and shock-protected electronics that withstand repeated blows as simulated in the Tumble Test.