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Standard Folding Frame Tanks

Husky® Port-a-Tank Liners are designed so there are no bulky corners or sagging liner. Our manufacturing process (patent pending) allows us to use one continuous piece of material for the side panel, which is then welded to our Husky®-Duty Floor Material. We also install solid brass grommets in a tight pattern, alleviating any liner drooping at the frame. These features create the best fitting, most durable liner available. Our vinyl liners come in 22 oz., 22 oz. sides with a 30 oz. floor, or 30 oz. Vinyl liners are available in a variety of colors and in NSF 61 approved 30 oz. potable material or chemical and fuel resistant materials that are great for oil spill clean-up or petroleum storage. Liners are also available in Husky®-Tough EXLON® which has superior UV resistance, heat resistance, abrasion, puncture resistance and excellent cold cracking qualities, making it the best folding tank liner material on the market.

Husky® Folding Water Tanks include our exclusive “Easy Lift Handles” (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other Patents Pending) and Quick-Release Drain Tube, making Husky®the easiest to handle folding water tank on the market.

Husky® Folding Frame Tanks are used in the Firefighting Industry and the Spill Berm Secondary Containment market as well. They are great for Bladder Tank containment, hazardous spill clean up and a variety of other containment needs. We have 11 different standard sizes and can build any Custom Size Folding Tank you require. These tanks are a no-assembly design and fold up to a 7.5” width for easy storage. The liners are replaceable if needed.

From the youngest rookie to the most skilled veteran firefighters Husky’s® Folding Frame Tanks were voted the easiest & safest tanks to use.


  1. Available with Vinyl or EXLON® liners!
  2. Husky® Folding Water Tanks include our exclusive “Easy Lift Handles” (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other Patents Pending) and Quick-Release Drain Tube, making Husky® the easiest to handle folding water tank on the market.
  3. Chemical and fuel resistant materials. Potable NSF 61 approved materials.
  4. Also available in double fold styles for easier handling & storage
  5. Custom-size tanks available
  6. Husky® Folding Water Tanks are available with the Drain Tubes mounted for inside or outside use. Standard tanks come with the Drain Tube mounted on the outside. If you would like your tank built with the Drain Tube on the inside, just let us know, and we will accommodate at no charge.
  7. Replaceable liners
  8. Easy setup. No assembly! Just unfold & go!
  9. Great for oil spill clean up, chemical or fuel storage, portable or wastewater storage
  10. 10″ drain tube with quick release for fast draining or mating with another tank – Two drain tubes are standard on 2500+ gallon tanks
  11. #4 solid brass grommets
  12. Double stitched, triple reinforced hems


  1. 500-5000 gallons
  2. All frame tanks are 29″ tall
  3. Custom-size tanks available
  4. Aluminum folding frame tanks are 7 ½” wide when folded
  5. Steel frame material: 7⁄8” od 14 gage HREW P&O round tube. Square tube available.
  6. Aluminum frame material: 1”x1”x.125” 6061-T6 aircraft-quality square tube
  7. Materials: XR-5, XR-5B, XR-3PW, all Urethanes, PVCs, and PVC/Urethane blends
Capacity Open Dimensions Folded Dimensions* Weight (Steel Frame) Weight (Alum. Frame)
500 Gal. 5’8″ x 5’8″ x 29″ 7″ x 5’8″ x 29″ 90 lbs. 68 lbs.
750 Gal. 7’0″ x 7’0″ x 29″ 7″ x 7’0″ x 29″ 97 lbs. 79 lbs.
1000 Gal. 8’3″ x 8’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 8’3″ x 29″ 116 lbs. 96 lbs.
1500 Gal. 10’3″ x 10’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 10’3″ x 29″ 138 lbs. 109 lbs.
2100 Gal. 11’3″ x 11’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 11’3″ x 29″ 154 lbs. 124 lbs.
2500 Gal. 12’3″ x 12’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 12’3″ x 29″ 169 lbs. 135 lbs.
3000 Gal. 13’3″ x 13’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 13’3″ x 29″ 185 lbs. 149 lbs.
3500 Gal. 14’3″ x 14’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 14’3″ x 29″ 205 lbs. 167 lbs.
4000 Gal. 15’3″ x 15’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 15’3″ x 29″ 223 lbs. 178 lbs.
5000 Gal. 17’3″ x 17’3″ x 29″ 7″ x 17’3″ x 29″ 269 lbs. 215 lbs.