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UK 2AAA Mini Pocket Light, eLED


7 Lumens


Our Mini Pocket Light is uniquely powerful, small, and sturdy. Weighing only 1.3 oz., the MPL clips to almost anything so it is always ready when you need light. It comes with a key ring and clip for easy attachment to your hat, clothing or belt for hands-free lighting. It’s perfect for close-up work or inspection using the power of its bright, long-lasting LED lamp.

Lamp: eLED 
Lumens: 7
Burn Time: 14 to 15 hours 
Beam Distance: 46 ft
Batteries: 2 x AAA Included
Waterproof: 3 ft 
Size: 2.9″ x 1.1″ x .50″

Part Number:
09102  Black
09117  Safety Yellow

09805  Replacement eLED lamp (7 lumens)