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UK Vizion Helmet Mount



Customers across multiple industries have been asking us to create a mount for our popular Vizion headlamps that doesn’t use the rubber straps. So we went to work and designed the best helmet clip for a headlamp out there.

The Vizion Helmet Mount is specifically designed for hardhats and helmets that are taken to demanding environments.  It fits any UK Vizion product, and is easily attached to a hardhat with the provided high strength adhesive.

With hi-strength adhesive, it creates a bond between the hard hat and the mount so the user can quickly and easily mount and remove their Vizion products.  Weighing in at only 1oz, this product is ideal for industry professionals who wear helmets daily by helping reduce weight when a headlamp is not needed.

  • Easily attached to any hardhat/helmet with Hi Strength 3M® VHB tape
  • Weighs less than commonly used rubber straps
  • Easily mounts/removes Vizion products with one hand (even when wearing gloves)
  • Made from Glass Filled Nylon and anchored by a flexible polyurethane

Headlamp snaps in and out of mount – No straps needed!

Remove headlamp when not in use to keep helmet light weight & reduce fatigue. When the batteries run low, swap in a backup headlamp.

Part Number:
17505  Helmet Mount, Black 
17506  Helmet Mount, White

Also available with Vizion 1 or Vizion Z3 lights.