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Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED (MK2) Dive Light



* NEW *

600 Lumens


The SL4 has been the gold standard for small utilitarian dive lights for decades. Owning a SL4 is owning a piece of scuba diving history. It is compact enough to slide comfortably into a BC pocket and has a bright center spot to light up dark spaces under any type of diving condition.

Now, UK is introducing the updated and enhanced Mark 2 version of the SL4. For the first time, we are using a digital controller to take maximum advantage of all four C-size batteries. The SL4 MK2 boasts an eye-watering 600 lumens of brightness, while retaining all the great qualities that made it the most popular dive light in history.

Lumens: 600
Burn Time: 6 hr
Battery Type: 4C Alkaline (not included)
Lamp Type: eLED
Depth Rating: 500 ft.
Dimensions: 6.20″ x 1.70″ x 2.50″

Part Number:
80130   SL4 eLED MK2, Safety Yellow

3391    Leather Belt Pouch for SL4
26063  Wrist Lanyard
80506  SL4 eLED Module Head Only UV-395
80507  SL4 eLED Module Head Only UV-455

NEW – Ultra Violet options available! See the reef like never before!


  • The 395 wavelength is almost invisible to the naked eye, so no yellow filter is needed
  • Brings out incredible colours and intricate details of marine life


  • Some animals have a stronger reaction to this wavelength than they do with the 395.
  • Yellow filters are usually needed to cut back on the excess blue light and all the fluorescent colours to come through.